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Marc:  "We've played Sault Ste. Marie many times over the years.  The bar we played at most often was a place called The East Gate Hotel, which was a stop most touring acts made as they crossed the country.  Here's a picture from a show we did on March 2, 1996."


Rob:  "In the early winter of '96, we were once again headed to the west coast with a jam-packed schedule of dates.  For the sake of our safety - and sanity - we decided it made sense to hire a tour bus.  These are some pics of the bus and our driver, Curtis."


This is the bus parked outside of the venue the band played in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Marc:  "Our driver Curtis was a great guy.  He loved Metallica.  I can remember waking up many an early morning in my bunk on the bus to the sounds of 'Kill 'em All' and 'Master of Puppets'."


Mike:  "By the time we got to Calgary, something had come up back home and Curtis had to leave us and fly back to Ontario.  This is a picture of all of us in the bus in Calgary, wishing Curtis well.  The tour bus company flew in our new driver, Dave, who was a superb guy.  Dave was with us for the rest of that trip out west."

Here's a photo of the bus parked in Jasper, Alberta.


Rob:  "We logged a lot of hours on the Super Nintendo in the back lounge of the bus.  Our favourites were 'NHL '93' and some golf game.  Here's Mike getting ready for a tee shot."


Marc:  "By summer '96, we had another west coast tour booked.  This time around, because the weather was nice and the distance between shows was more reasonable, we decided to head out in a convoy of vans as opposed to a tour bus.  It was nice being able to do the driving ourselves during the day, as it provided more opportunity to see the sights.  Here's a picture of some of the band and crew at 'The Crossing', a resort in the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Lake Louise, Alberta."


Mike:  "Our third time out to the west coast, we played two night in Whistler.  It was always nice when you did two nights in a row, as it gave you the opportunity to see some of the local sights on the second day.  Marc and I decided to go horseback riding."


Marc:  "We ended up playing quite a few shows in and around Vancouver on our trip out west in the latter half of '96.  This is a picture from one of them, but I can't remember the name of the venue!"


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