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Hailing from the very birthplace of the venerable Canadian rock group it pays homage to, Road Apples formed in Kingston, Ontario during December 1992 and quickly established itself as the best, busiest and most sought after tribute show to The Tragically Hip.


The momentum the band was able to build in the first half of 1993 ultimately helped catapult it to national status and success.  In the wake of its concerts, word spread quickly that this was a band that was worth the price of admission.  From June 1993 until August 1998, the band members made their collective living touring Canada on a full-time basis.  From Newfoundland to Vancouver Island and northern Alberta to upstate New York, the band logged thousands of miles as it amassed a resume of close to one thousand performances – leaving no doubt that Road Apples is a band that has earned its favourable reputation through years of hard touring.


After 5 years of essentially living on the road, the band made a decision to scale down its schedule to enable the members to focus on other life pursuits.  While remaining active from the fall of 1998 through to present day, the band has been more selective in the venues and events it has performed at. 


As a result of Road Apples’ success in the mid-90’s, there has been a proliferation of other bands offering what is billed as a similar service to the market.  However, there is one thing that ultimately distinguishes Road Apples from the other ‘Hip’ tribute bands:  experience.  Experience breeds confidence and confidence begets consistency.  With thousands of live performances now under their belts, the members of this band have collectively honed their craft to a level unmatched by any of their competitors.


Road Apples:  Canada's most professional and celebrated tribute show to The Tragically Hip.


Road Apples perform live at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario on October 3, 2009